Rooms may only be booked by Deakin University staff and students and are only to be used for University study and related activity. Group usage takes precedence over individual use. Please contact the Library if you have any enquiries about Room Bookings

Note: a confirmation email is sent to your Deakin email address.

1. Select the date and then the time in the room you would like to book.
2. Bookings are 30 min time slots and a maximum of two hours per person per day. (If you are more than fifteen minutes late for your booking, library staff reserve the right to re-book the room).
3. Enter your full name and Deakin email address, e.g. (ensure you enter it correctly), and select "Submit Your Booking".

Cancelling Library Room Bookings

If you need to cancel your library Room booking then you can do so by selecting the option through the confirmation email you will have received.

Scholars Room

Level 1 of the Library at Melbourne Burwood Campus offers a very attractive Scholars’Area (V1.01) for academics and HDR students needing a quiet research, collaborative or thinking space.The space is available, via swipe card access, to Higher Degree by Research students (Masters and PHD students studying by Research only) and Academic Staff. You can contact library staff for information on how to access the room.

Study booths

Some study booths at the Melbourne Burwood Campus library are available for booking. You can check the Melbourne Burwood Campus Library Study Booths webpage for booking times and availability.

Melbourne Burwood Campus library opening hours